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Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked is the funniest action game, continuation of excellent arena shooters, popular and exciting online game for boys, girls, children and adults: in general, for those who consider themselves as avid gamers. Compete with opponents controlled by computer intelligence on a big variety of levels. The game offers several modes: single player against bots and multiplayer, for 2 or more players. Play safely against your friends. The game offers several types: the passage and single maps. On every the maps, with different winning conditions, you will be shooting very nimble and agile enemies. Play in single duels and team battles - everything is possible. From the very first minutes the game drags and does not let you go for a long time. You can choose a level, appearance of your character and give him a name. From time to time you can choose different bonuses - invisibility shields, acceleration, and other improvements for more effective combat. In addition to shooting, you can also set bombs, and find the most dangerous weapon for a successful destruction of the enemy. Perhaps, we could finish description of this flash game, but we are not looking for easy ways. For the third time you are given a chance to fight one to one in the arena against bots or 2, 3 or even 4 players friends on one computer. The Gun Mayhem 2 has a lot of new and interesting things added: a new campaign with 16 exciting, challenging and difficult missions, special levels that will test your skills, accuracy, speed and agility, 7 more game modes, and of course new weapons effects and a great opportunity to customize your heroes` appearance. Your arsenal has 21 different weapons: crossbow, guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, bombs, and other unique items. Jump; collect weapons and power-ups. Go through the step-by-step world, evade from arrows and shoot enemies. Indicators in the upper corner of the screen point out your hits. You have only one goal in the game - to defeat your opponent with different types of weapons! We introduse you Unblocked version of popular flash game Gun Mayhem 2. Here you can find much more possibilities than in origin part. Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked is all you need to improve your mood, so don't waste your time visit official website of the game and have a good pastime. Control of the first player: Movement «W, A, S, D», Fire «G», Throw A Bomb «H» / For the second player: Movement «Arrows» Fire «4», throw the bomb «5» in the numeric keypad.
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